Sunday, July 19, 2015


Four Secrets Revealed Related to Four Areas of Nathan's "Research"

1. Perpetual Motion: I think I remember thinking in elementary school, that if there was something I'd sell my soul for, this might be it. I probably uttered this out loud, and was admonished by my teacher.

2. Poetry: I secretly think of my poems as coming from everyone in the universe, myself last of all. This has the effect of producing excellent poems, but at the cost of some sanity.

3. Philosophy: Some of my philosophy is premised in the idea that I'm having a bad life for a god. So, if it's a Yahwehan creator, I'm not on good terms the way Job was! All of this seems to speak about how I'm basically in a superficial category, doing meaningless dirty work. But, Babel or not, it's not how I see myself. But frankly I find the Dilbert cartoons involving a philosophical garbage man somewhat inspiring. Interpreting all of this 'dialectic' about my position as a philosopher, the conclusion is that I'm fighting a hellish battle against people that think I should be righteously depressed. But, when I focus on my own creativity as a philosopher, my conclusion often is that I'm one of the most optimistic people in the world. Some people might think that's the darkest thing about it, particularly since I've always been somewhat gawky-feeling, with a persistent headache. Some people might think I'm the archetype of the social parasite. If not, then maybe something worse.

4. Art: I sometimes think my artworks are worth human souls. This might be seen as a dark side, for those that think of me as a common, decent human being.

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