Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Logical Solutions to Mathematical Incompleteness

Examples: Complex reasoning that folds out in different ways.
For example, 'math is material' (last claim in the text)--> therefore (unstated
claim), it has proof. Or, 'math has proof' (based on all the arguments) therefore,
---> cautious corollary, math may be infinitely extensible with finite infinites
each represented by the Bounded Cartesian Coordinate System ---> departure
point for theories about degrees of formalizability.

The Lessons of the Master by Master Kuo (a pseudonym)

Examples: E.g. thoughts about reincarnation, realistic magic powers,
chronological omnipresence and resulting associations, and all three together.


Examples: 'Creation' tool; environments that respond to psychology with
intellectual innuendos, formatted by distinctions between freedom, access,
texture-technology (function-fulfillment), and formal idealizations as a function of
core identity concerns. "You can put your brain right on top of it". "Emotions
become secondary". Hard-core avant-garde reality tool, billed as giving access to


Examples: Although a sort of simple tool to use, associations and applications of
the basic AB:CD and AD:CB method and its expanded dimensional formulations
may yield a tool that offers not only knowledge, but a great deal of meaning.

Perpetual Motion Physics

Tentatively, if it is possible to build a perpetual motion machine, enhanced
thought is an excellent way to produce more variations of successful designs. It
can be billed as cheap entertainment for really smart people. Many of the
variations would not be very different from previous designs, meaning that there is a lot of potential to explore without knowing whether you're being original.
This program could also connect to 'God' point systems, therapy programs,
scenario design editors, etc. The goal of course is finding a major exception in the laws
of physics: a combination of principles that grants equal and opposite exceptions, for

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