Friday, May 1, 2015


Exploration citizenship! (Movement + State)

>With world government, etc.
>Life can be a more enjoyable game!

Ideosophy (Science + Religion)

>The best ideas win!

Cosmosis (Physics + Creation)

>New ideas can be the new physics!

Mathensis (Math + History)

>The next math is post-math.
>The next history is pre-history.
>The next wisdom makes plans for
after its death before it is declared wise.

Empathic Citizenship (Society + Xenoid)

>Virtual citizenship permits empathy.
>Empathy with civilizations not discovered yet.
>Initiates official planning.
> Provides growth & mentorship opportunities.

Modular Citizenship (Society + Modularity)

>Political citizenship.
>Personal government.
>Architectural interface.

Atemporate History (History + Immortality)

>Strategic history.
>History that schemes about post-history.
>History freed from the restraints of history.
>History that ideally exists independent of history.

Genetic Logic (Logic + Genetics)

>Logic that can be grown in a petri dish.
>Applying logic to biology.
>Computing chemistry.
>Computing higher logic.
("No more God-in-the-box")

Onto-Aesthetics (Art + Organization)

>Composition by organization alone.
>Categories return images of deeper systems.
>Photographs of systems.
>Organizations of organizations.

Neutralbiology / Albiology / Almiology (Neutrality + Biology)

>Similar to the undead.
>Living matter with neutral properties.
>Qua relative.
>Means to achieve immortality.

Retrocharacter (Character + Rhetoric)

>Neutral expression of drama.
>Confusion is minimized.
>Boldness is achieved through silence or a bold message.
>Drama becomes simultaneoulsy political and neutral, like a robot.
>Intellectual content is emphasized.

Topoclysm (Topology + Paroxysm or double paradoxical solution)

>A landscape furnishes answers due to its composition.
>Composition can occur in 'found', 'compositional', 'object-oriented', 'panoptic' modes.
>One's purpose uniquely defines results.
>Truths, arts, objects, and gods (e.g. panopticons) can have purposes.

Atemputation (Causality + Computation)

>Causality that acts on itself becomes recursive.
>Recursivity provides a mode of computation.
>Causal computation can achieve new results when energy is committed.
>New results can be used to improve efficiency.
>Eventually, atemputation should solve all problems.

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