Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Recent Quotes at Poemhunter

Quotes by Nathan Coppedge:

"Art is the metaphysics of philosophy".
-- (2014,2015) .

"The concept of value abolishes ultimatums".
-- (Yahoo Answers, January 19th,2015)

"Sane people are enumerators of challenges. On this basis, they can be understood to the mad".
-- (Jan.31st,2015)

"Neutrality is like perfect judgment".
-- (February 2015) .

"Some poets have said that poets are thieves only because they are historically illiterate. In reality, many things are unoriginal, and few things belong to anyone except through the coincidence of their opinion".
-- (February 2015) .

"If we don't grant ourselves the right exceptions, we won't achieve immortality".
-- (February 2015) .

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