Sunday, January 18, 2015

Statements of the Reincarnation of the Original Rip Van Winkl

"My biggest thought, the thought that I still hold onto, is the vision of becoming a kind of philosopher-analogist, an 'esystementologist' so to speak. My dramatic friends in the theatre company thought I wanted to be an eschatologist or a pornologist. But I told them they were wrong."

"When I was a child I ran away from my family to escape the war. And I never looked back. Now you can understand that I've made my way as a man. I've become the self-righteous and self-original, self-made Rip Van Winkl. You can even see me over there on the label for that old box of cereole!"

"Flax plan cereole. Good for 'ol Rip Van Winkl".


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