Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nathan Coppedge's Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory (Kindle Edition)

Still in the first year, so I feel competitive.

      The Contingency List: The Subtle Inspirations for Perpetual Motion

      a tin basin: specific angularities, smoothness, and sturdiness.

      an aquatrave: this medieval device could lift water with leverage, causing it to pour out at a higher level.

      carpenter's bezel: this was for carving beveled angles in wood. Lends subtlety to leverage.

      children's seesaw: made balanced forces seem like an industrial principle.

      balancing scales: proves the principle of equilibrizing.

      magnet: the subtle forces that don't require a magnet, but are proven by it.

      pressure plates: a differential force principle.

      pivot-point: if weight bearing can create long horizontal motions, displacement may repeat the cycle.

      photons: these seem to filter through space without expending energy, b/c no mass.

      graphical diagrams: graphics don't seem to require energy, and can represent systems.

      beads: beads can make small differences, but the difference is there.

      cables: strong materials might make a critical difference.

      Less subtle: Mass, Fusion, Cities.

      See also my earlier article: Sources of Inspiration for Perpetual Motion.

      In the next few days

      my book, Dramatis Personae: Stories for Inventing History will be updated with a pretty extensive story of the life of Marie d' Antoinette. For those that hunger after stories of gods and heroes, this may be just the thing. The book already includes the story of gods named Zheng Guo and Aston-I-Shed, as well as lesser heroes or villains of alternate history such as R.V. Winkl, Poverty or the inventor of the book, and Aaron Burr.

      The book will be updated in the next three days. Feel free to purchase it when the listing says that it is 80 pages. That is the updated edition.

      Or browse Amazon's updated author page for Nathan Coppedge at:

      Even More Recent Quotes!

      "Objective knowledge is like math with qualities" ---Nathan Coppedge

      "It's the deadest thing to say. But my form of inspiration is mechanical" ---Nathan Coppedge

      "Time is a material abstractification" ---Nathan Coppedge

      "Some would compare intelligence to a miracle the way I compare a fortune to madness" ---Nathan Coppedge

      "There are higher forms of madness like there are higher forms of silver" ---Nathan Coppedge

      "If there is no volition, it is a failure of dimension, if not perspective. I'm led to believe that one of the categories of volition is abstraction (I don't mean this pejoratively. I mean it in the sense that abstractions might not be games)..." ---Nathan Coppedge

      These and other quotes may be viewed on Poemhunter under Nathan Coppedge (poet's) quotes (I will insert a link later: their website is not currently running).

      It's the Dark Emperor Archetype (Humor)

      There might be some shadow figures that are much more qualified...

      Oh? But they didn't invent perpetual motion!

      Fade into the shadows, false immortals!

      Your next-best option is to be Picasso!

      Saturday, November 29, 2014

      Nathan Coppedge is Now in the Top 3% at


      by 30-day views up from Top 4%

      total views only 4 document views today.

      followers major gains this year.

      "The Telos" by Nathan Coppedge (maybe part of a larger work eventually)

      You may also view a more official citation at, HERE.

      What we have conceived of resembles Plato's system...

      Yes, there is a class of immortals, a class of tacticals, and a class appeased by passion.

      Now, surely we will try to integrate these parts, if we are to find harmony.

      How, for example, could I integrate 'immortality' with 'tactics'?

      We have already described the immortals as being more thoughtful than the others.

      At least, they are concerned with something less transient.

      For example, I said that 'tactics' is required because of neediness.

      If we ignore long-term tactics, that seems to be the case...

      Now, if I am eternity, I certainly have a weak enemy, whom I try to agree with.


      And this 'enemy' would be called 'modularity' I suppose.

      Modularity is an enemy you could duel with, to try to establish harmony.

      The end result would surely be more dimensional!

      For sure!

      And if I am not a god, then surely I would wish to be more dimensional!

      I am in agreement.

      What people want appears to be a dimensional world, as I suspected!

      That is what you have suggested, but what are our options for a dimensional world?

      Of course, what we mean by a dimensional world is a world that is easier and more interesting!

      Wouldn't everyone inevitably migrate towards such a world?

      Except for those unfortunates who do not conceive of a life of peace!

      I suppose soldiers would seem unfortunate, because they expect war.

      War is obviously not what we mean by this form of evolution.

      Then what are the weaknesses?

      The weakness of reality appears to be fantastic 'unreality'.

      How so?

      Well, death and everything that brings death is ideally unreal.

      How could we oppose desire?

      We might define a world as a place for appreciating both reality and unreality.

      What if unreality is the gentlest concept that can be applied to our reality?

      That seems obvious, now that I think of it!

      What if unreality is the most meaningful concept that can be applied to our reality?

      Then we would inevitably migrate to somewhere more interesting!

      Sunday, November 23, 2014

      Controversial Quotes

      I've discovered my next life is going to be controversial. To celebrate, I've coined or re-discovered a number of controversial quotes.

      "God is the most controversial idea" ---Nathan Coppedge, or quote taken out of context at The Mustard Seed online.

      "[The] past and future are ever-new...It is the life being lived that is ultimately true" ---Nathan Coppedge or Immemorial

      "We're thinking with black holes" ---Nathan Coppedge

      "Epiphany is a searing truth serum" ---Nathan Coppedge

      "True magnitude is greater than any magnate" ---Nathan Coppedge

      "If prose is the secret of poetry, myth may be the secret of realism: at any rate, major aggregates of life's subjects tend to give access to further things, or life simply isn't dynamic." ---Nathan Coppedge

      "The cycle of my (past) life(s) tends to occur in a pattern: controversy, myth, madness, experiment, and realism, repeated over and over again. Perhaps this is a general tendency of history."---Nathan Coppedge

      Saturday, November 22, 2014

      Recent Metaphysics Quotes and Related Thoughts

      "The outer universe might be the inner universe, and the inner universe might be the outer universe, and there is nothing dividing these things. Either there is continuity or there is not, and in either case the universe is continuous or it isn't. Either case is expressed as an objective philosophical fact." 
      --- Nathan Coppedge, Nov 2014

      "Two locations require a common application, and two applications require a common location. Apparently, there is continuity or there is not"  --- Nathan Coppedge, Nov 2014 

      Essentially / especially, the universe itself IS a continuum, or else more than one separated continuum, and this tends to define whether the universe is more likely to be an application or a location. In my view, the universe is more like a location when it has multiple continuums, and more like an application when it has just one continuum.

      I finally admit...

      sanity is more perfect than madness, unless I'm embarrassed or ugly, or a shlamazel or shlameel, or in some type of pain...

      Keys to Life, Age 32

      1. Have principles.
      2. Don't be psychological.
      3. Value truth.
      4. Be your own prophet.

      These are very helpful hints, from my point of view, although speaking of principles and truth is not always helpful.

      Friday, November 21, 2014

      Poemhunter Now Features a Quotes Section

      I have listed a number of my more memorable quotes, such as:

      "Metaphor is the ladder to higher systems"

      "The amelioration of jagged potencies is really the second center"

      "Everyone believes in God, the devil, or a sneaky engineer"

      "While they were floundering / He was pondering / No more wandering / Through the dark tunnels of grim determination / For no: it's time to grow in a thousand folded folds / For which we need an infinite fuel"

      "Time travel is possible in any exceptional-conditional reality of that type"

      "The ideal aperture (in philosophy) is with miscellany"

      "Categories are the standard of standardization"

      See my Quotes Page on Poem Hunter, for more selected quotations. The quotes may also be found on my twitter page (under favorites, etc.), and are searchable on google by searching for "Nathan Coppedge quotes" or "Nathan Coppedge quotations". I have a number of quotation posts on this blog that may be easier to find through Google.

      Thursday, November 20, 2014

      For Those That Haven't Found It Yet

      I have an excellent "perpetual motion riff" theme music (for perpetual motion), at NathanCoppedge.Com:

      Philosophers / Students Preparing for the Holidays?

      Buy the book that a PhD. said "may ... (be) ahead of it's time" and which a reviewer called "Utterly Fascinating!"...

      Subjectivists stand back, this text concerns objective knowledge that is not specifically religious, and which relies on a minimal amount of assumptions.

      My most popular book has sold 50 copies now

      in it's first year. That is, unless Amazon is gyping me.

      Now fully 114 pages, mostly diagrams. No junk, according to my standards. When it comes to perpetual motion, this is the hard stuff.

      See link: Nathan Coppedge's Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory.

      Saturday, November 15, 2014

      Recent Thoughts

      I submitted an article at and on Four Theories of Epistemology. The theories are: (1) Mereological / functional parts view, (2) Effectualist or adapted holistic function view, (3) Radical contingency or sector-exceptional view, and (4) Make-or-break, gradual-relative functional-fulfillment view. All of these are essentially brain models, in contrast to the traditional theories I'm criticizing, including Plato's forms, mind-body dualism, functionalism, and mind-brain identity theory.

      Other recent articles include "Applicationist Psychology," as well as articles titled "On Format" and "On Aesthetics" that were included in my book titled High Art (actually, as far as the websites go, I'm just now submitting those articles).

      Friday, November 14, 2014

      Improved Status at


      by 30-day views ---- up from top 5%
      total views --- still below 2000
      followers --- unchanged for awhile

      Sunday, November 9, 2014

      Tea Argument

      (I was explaining to Emend, who you don't understand)

      Tea is burny.

      So it's bad if it's mandatory.

      Aesthetes enjoy mandatory tea.

      Aesthetes must be willing masochists.

      But not if it's repetitive, in most cases.

      {In Japan, the Samurai enjoyed lots of tea,

      but it was also a place in which people cut each other apart}

      Apparently, even aesthetes can't handle mandatory punishment.

      I was reasoning.

      {I'm a tea drinker, however, I just don't like it really hot}

      Thursday, November 6, 2014

      Little blurb

      Aging is called senescence, and factors such as reduced calorie intake and modification of genes have led some animals to live 30% - 900% as long.

      See article on theories of aging at wikipedia: WIKI ON AGING.

      And Telomerase (now links to a page for purchasing telomerase for only $40 / bottle. It is unclear whether it includes any genetically modified products): TELOMERASE.

      Amazon Authorrank for PMM D&T

      And, the Kindle rank:

      See my list of books at the Amazon profile HERE.

      Or, follow me on twitter HERE.

      Monday, November 3, 2014

      The 2nd Soul of the Dimensional Encyclopedia

      I am a citizen of an unknown place.

      I wonder where it belongs?

      Sunday, November 2, 2014

      Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide for Critical Inquiry


      Many people undergo a critical process of inquiry during the course of their lives. Whether a person is wise or foolish, brave or timid, pioneering or lazy, people touch on many of the same themes as they undertake development. The goal of this text is NOT to provide abstract tools for reasoning with, but instead, to explain many of the factors that each person eventually experiences in his own mind, in order to make it much easier to tolerate. Thus, the goal of this book, like previous books in the series, is a psychological one. And, it is also a meaningful one.

      The book can be found on Amazon HERE.

      Saturday, November 1, 2014

      Author update

      A sale every day in the past 12 days, thanks to 4 expanded distribution sales this month. It may really be a report on last month, but that's another story. I have to trust how it appears on paper.

      I earned about $25 during that time, although the company hasn't paid it out yet.

      Visit My Amazon Page if you are interested in purchasing something.