Friday, October 31, 2014

Irrational Guide to Avoiding E. Disease (Ebola)

1. People who act like they are surviving in the wilderness and loving it are bad.

2. Swallowing with a throat clenched near the top is bad.

3. Dead feeling is bad, dead ironic feeling is good.

4. Being associative with Cassandras is good about Cassandra.

5. Choosing multiple options for death is good, except with Ebola.

I've theorized that I have 50 / 100 ability points

in Perpetual Motion!

The missing fools of the deck are popularity and seduction.

Leonardo da Vinci might have 60 points if he is given points for precedent, but only 20 if he would not do better now (also, future systems might give me a smaller number of points).

After all, Da Vinci gave up on perpetual motion, so the reality of perpetual motion is up to those with more points, like me, or maybe a lucky electrician (although not the electrician according to my arguments against expending energy), or someone with a lot of information and manufacturing skills.

It may be that in this I'm assuming that my devices work, which is what many enthusiasts assume, which is the critical folly of judgment (even though functioning obviously depends on optimism up to a point).

Here is some evidence that I may have an advantage on Da Vinci:

*I have caused a marble to roll upwards of its own volition, using a sideways angle: The Escher Machine.

*I have solved a devious proportionality problem with the Motive Mass Machine Iteration 2.

That's about all the evidence I have, besides my crude equations. I have a lot more minor accomplishments, and a few videos, too.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Talk

I have a suspicion that the following statements may have been made about my books by bookstore employees:

"Marketing is just marketing with Nathan Coppedge. It doesn't require any extra work. It just requires a book on a shelf".

"Every book we buy from Nathan Coppedge we also sell".

"Nathan doesn't require marketing except online. Every book we make available leaves the shelf. What could be wrong with this guy?".

"I begin to think we should hire more self-published authors. Then I realize, it's Nathan and that's it. He's a vast exception to the rule. I'm borrowing his language."

There is a link to my author profile HERE.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

1/7 of the past 21 days

I've been in the top 100,000 authors at Amazon, according to records.

Here is a link to my published works:

Helps to have published 41 or so books.

Better next year, I hope.

Monday, October 27, 2014

More Millionaire Thinking...

Of course, my dad might think this is pretty petty, but here I go with more millionaire thinking.

"In a way the upper crust might go up" --- referring to the books that are sold because they think real books exist because they noticed my books.

"I'm seeking a little bit of coherence. It's my life mission" --- sounds better from a millionaire. Maybe I can become one...

According to my calculations, I'll be earning somewhere between $127 and $1 billion per year in nine years. The more exponential, the better. Somewhere between 2X and 6X per year would put me in job equivalency in 3 - 7 years.

Don't forget to buy my books...

Also, if you happen to use twitter or want to, I recommend following my account, at:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

For those that were confused by the cartoon

I'm not leaving the blog, and I'm not suicidal.

I just identify with cuteness.

The cartoon was not supposed to look THAT miserable.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Recent Activities

As some may know, I have been on sick leave from being a student at SCSU.

Here are some things I've been doing meanwhile:

* Book projects: About 4 printed pages a day (2 full-length written pages) for over two months, on encyclopedias alone. Some other projects have been completed very quickly on the side, including 6 or so new members of the Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide series. Get the Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide to Historic Deaths in time for Halloween.

* Posting on Twitter and promoting my books on my blog.

* My webstats addiction for my two websites, blog, and twitter, and now my academic standing for my published papers on and (still top 5% I think).

* Occasional sketches, and going to a local cafe that allows me to give art away for free (although in my city it's illegal to SELL art in cafes, except to friends and relatives).

* Waiting around for the stupid visiting nurse service I arranged when my mental health problem got worse a number of years ago.

* Cuddling with my excellent stuffed animal that I've named Emend Coppedge. He is in the form of a small beluga whale, and formerly used to sing 'baby beluga' songs when he got squeezed. Since then, the internal battery has run out, but I still pretend the little plastic parts are his heart. Emend looks kind of like the animal pictured in the cartoon above, except without any button on his back.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nathan Coppedge's Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory

The book is available on Amazon HERE.

    Saturday, October 18, 2014

    High Art: A Manual Concerning Artistic Perfection


    This is a manual on aesthetics. The thesis of this book is that Hyper-Cubism exemplifies what is called high art. The text includes two important, mercifully short essays on the subject of art. The ambitious aim of the book is to protract in the mind of the reader an idealistic vision: the vision of a visual arts that is perfectible. It sets out to do this in the best possible way: by direct illustration. The author is a Hyper-Cubist par excellance, one of the members of an emerging avant-garde which aims to replace Cubism with something more complex and codifiable. Here are the secrets of one of art’s greatest movements, work which one viewer said ‘locks together like a trap that won’t let me go’.

    It is now available on Amazon HERE.

    Friday, October 17, 2014


    At Notre Dame Philosophical reviews, there are no search results for 'coherent'

    See for yourself!

    Wednesday, October 15, 2014

    New Articles

    "Then is the Assumption of Everything" (Post-Aristotelian)

    The Future of Government (Free Economics, Hegemony, Technocracy)

    Applicationist Psychology (Alteration of Social Cognitive Theory)

    Monday, October 13, 2014

    Mobile Website Compatibility

    I've recently added a link on my blog to the mobile- (cell phone, tablet, smartphone) compatible version of my perpetual motion / author website.

    Here is the link (or look to the left):

    Coherent Logic by Nathan Coppedge


    This short treatise is a guide to insights on two- and three-valued logic. More importantly, it introduces the associated coherent systeme of Nathan Coppedge, inventor of the coherent categorical deduction, and philosophical paroxysm or double-paradox. The book is designed to yield insights into objective knowledge, non-causal inference, and coherent systems.

    It is available now at Amazon HERE (e-book will be linked with the text page soon enough).

    New Paper on the Future of Government

    free to view. Check back in a few minutes if it's still uploading.

    Sunday, October 12, 2014

    Preview and Review P.M.G. Guide to Philosophy

    A preview version of the book can be reviewed for free at this Amazon site:

    Saturday, October 11, 2014

    Weirdest Things I Have Ever Seen

    I saw my life flash before my eyes, and saw the world in slow motion when I fell down some stairs as a child.

    Once when I was watching a children's film in preschool, one of the children turned around and his or her face looked like the face of a horrible old woman. Perhaps he or she was wearing a mask, or someone with an aging syndrome, or one of the teachers, or a hallucination.

    I saw a sewer lid close over my head once when a school tour of the sewer went wrong. Some of the students had unscrewed the bottom of the ladder and let it fall, and I had to prop it up and jump, and then push the sewer lid up with my legs to get out. There was oncoming traffic and I had to duck in and wait for a car's tire to be pulled out of the open lid. I must have been about 10 years old.

    Once I was on a plane, looking for weird fiends like from the Twilight Zone, and I saw a plane pass by very close to the wing. It was during a storm, so its as if we might have crashed. Another time a larger plane I was flying in almost ran off the runway.

    The only time I went to Niagara Falls I thought I saw a homemade submarine go over the brink.

    Once I saw a blimp with an electronic message which read: "Fuck you... Brian" and I thought they were talking to my younger brother, so I almost had a jealousy panic attack.

    I once saw a helicopter crash into a building in New Haven, CT. The windows actually sort of rippled. It burned out part of three floors, and they ran a news story the next day saying the pilot had lost control.

    Once when I was pushed over a boat, I thought I saw a great white shark underneath the water. The guy who pushed me seemed to be saying something about how he was aiming for the mouth. But I didn't have time to wait around. Later on my pants got stuck on something as I was swimming and I somehow pried it off. Hopefully it wasn't a shark tooth.

    Once or twice I saw a Facebook page that looked like ordinary witches practicing with magical light.

    Once I saw a $1 million or $10 million dollar bill slip from the window of a limousine (it was reddish, as some very large bills are). But I didn't pick it up, thinking I'd have to sell my soul to keep the money, and it might be fake anyway. To my knowledge, the car never drove back for it. But I don't know who picked it up, or if they got to keep the money.

    I once saw someone taking heroin through their neck under a neck brace at Starbucks. He was caught when he tried to rob some dollars from another Starbucks patron. He told the police he had killed two people to get money for drugs. Another time I saw a drug addict in the bathroom at a medical center, and my mother told me he was probably doing it legally.

    Although I don't do drugs, I have visually hallucinated several times due to my schizophrenia. I have had visions of a transparent squirmy creature, a black, square sun, a transparent bicyclist, and later a floating transparent video camera. I haven't had any major visual hallucinations since 2009.

    Review a Preview of The Perpetual Motion Machine Designs & Theory

    The book (by Nathan Coppedge) is available for review in preview form at the following site:

    Friday, October 10, 2014

    Preview and Review my book titled "The Lessons of the Master"

    Memory of a past life as a Chinese god, open to dispute.

    Preview and Review my book titled "Poems by God"

    The book is not literally by God, but instead an aspiring immortal. Nonetheless, a short excerpt may be reviewed by whoever has the courage:

    Review My Preview of The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit (2013, 2014)

    The following link will take you to a place where you can download a preview of the book and post a short review:

    ---Nathan Coppedge

    Wednesday, October 8, 2014

    Subtle Proofs / Subtil Proofs

    1. Everyone could be on top of the world with perpetual motion.

    2. Aliens share properties with us when they share reality, or have different properties with a different reality.

    3. Ideas are beings when functions are ideas exclusively, if functions are beings.

    4. Patterns form nations when nations are problems and problems divide forms.

    The above were duly added to my future book project, The Epiphanic Wisdom.

    Perpetual Motion Value Program

    Appropriate history
    Set Up
    Knowledge parameters
    Psych parameters
    Parameters for design (interactive)
    Parameters for construction (internal mente)
    Parameters for popularity
    Parameters for inventor / communication / persona
    Accept / Reject
    Major examples vs. Minor
    Significant accomplishments
    Perpetuity (Psych. momentum)

    Ideas that Could Change the Laws of Physics

    1. If everything were value-relative (physics changed based on valued variables)

    2. If a universe could contain a universe

    3. If there were properties other than physical ones

    4. If specific things 'mattered' (if specific not-specifically-physical-properties weighed in enormously)

    Conjectures on Black Hole Physics

    Stephen Hawking made some pretty strident statements on the nature of black holes some months after I posted an article called The Physics, elaborating some radical principles of my own. This led me to believe that perhaps Hawking had heard about my document, or even read it himself. Anyway, the mystery continues, but now I have a series of conjectures about THAT possibility, versus some other 'possible' possibilities, which happen to be loosely quadratic:

    1. If anything can be sucked in, it (the black hole) IS anything.


    2. Anything is everything (such as if all matter is somehow contained by something),


    3. Everything is relative, (meaning there is no containment-boundary to the universe, unlike in the above where it could form around a black hole),


    4. A relativity is contained, in which case multiple forms of black holes might exist.

    Tuesday, October 7, 2014

    The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit is Now Officially Copyrighted

    I received a notice from the Library of Congress saying that most of the material included in the Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit is considered copyrightable.

    Actually, it's slightly ambiguous, but the notice says that the 'material excluded from this claim' is 'some text' which I assume means quotations. So I'm okay!


    Monday, October 6, 2014

    I've reached 3600 views to my papers on Academic Room

    due to a recent increase in popularity (that means some of my papers have almost 300 views). That means the total is approaching 5000 on academic sites.


    View my papers HERE or HERE.

    Thursday, October 2, 2014

    Perpetual Motion Genius' Guide to Writing



    "I have developed a rigorous writing method over the course of the years. I have benefited from such texts as Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones, Annie Dillard’s A Writing Life, and Ann LaMott’s Bird by Bird --- and even Stephen King’s notorious How to Write. In the process of reading these books, I have come to a number of profound conclusions concerning the art of writing --- which mostly serve as practical suggestions for the ‘writing seeker’. One of these concerns the importance of the title of a work, and others relate to the specifically existential craft of producing writing. This text includes my best tips on writing, tips I have already used to influence nascient writers on the web."

    The book is soon to be released from Amazon, via my direct publisher.