Monday, October 28, 2013

Nathan Coppedge's Personal Art Gallery

Is open to friends and the occasional art collector.

93 Orange St. Suite 503
[Buzz 1046]

Visits by appointment.

My personal gallery, which I call "The Dimensional" offers a view of dozens of Nathan Coppedge works inspired by M.C. Escher, the Surrealists, and others.

Note: According to the zoning rules, I can't call it a museum, and I can't make it an official gallery. That's why I have changed the name from the "Dimensional Art Museum," to "Nathan Coppedge's Personal Gallery."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Interface Euphoria 4.0

Flower Button - a metal button that adds value to clothing

Gold Bug - An encased object that adds value to buildings

Interface Sequin - a special object leading to "the next level" if such level has already been created

Top Dog - A sign of a happy, successful culture that promotes a secret of one kind or another

Vas Lens, Bas Lens, Staff Lens, Ros Lens - glass objects that magnify

Monday, October 21, 2013

The "Generic" Soul of Hyper-Cubism

Because Hyper-Cubism is so varied in its formulations,
there is some argument for a generic soul of the art ---

An art so perfect it has no typology
Or perhaps it is the first movement which does.

The Temporal Soul of the Hyper-Cubist Aesthetic

resembles a Picasso. It is visible in my window on the 5th floor of 93 Orange St. (from across the street).

The Critical Soul of Hyper-Cubic Cinema

"That's how we really are"
This can be brought into doubt for several reasons:
(1) Is there really such a thing as a critical soul?
(2) What if the inner soul of the movie is not hyper-cubic, e.g. what if Hyper-Cubism is only a technique?
(3) What if hyper-cubic people are not people / return to alienated framework
(4) What if Hyper-Cubic cinema is only an extension of photography?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Simple Secrets

Secret place equals secret space

Stay in one place, no loss of location

Sneak at night, commissioning the stars

Blurry boundaries, second concepts of animal

Worried about work, shift priorities to creativity

Banned from giving thoughts, collect bon mots

Wary of progress, determine cancellations

The art of truth, prior lessons

Naked, without a claim to fame

Derisions, eyes of needles turning

Photographs of enigmas, burning

Temperatures of ionomas

Ligattures of sarcomas

Arete sans Ballot

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I have a video demonstration

which shows it is possible to return a ball weight of a pendulum to the outward end of an inward and upwards-curving spiral simply by rotating the fulcrum with another weight of almost equal mass on the other end of the fulcrum, but not supported by the track.

It is my hope that the modification of this device would result in over-unity, as there may be evidence that an inward-curving spiral would result in motion of the outward weight, when the inward weight is of equal mass, and perhaps less. Notice that the upwards incline is rather slight, and might be even less in the reconstruction.

Unfortunately, the video has to be downloaded, because I couldn't get the imbedded video window to play in my Chrome browser.


Monday, October 14, 2013

The Happiness Lectures, Part Two

A concept of intuitive lectures

"I know that's true because of relativity"

"No one knows that method"

"Yes they do, yes they do!"

The Happiness Lectures, Part One

A concept of intuitive lectures

How can you say it is not amazing?

He said "It is amazing!"

Then he continued walking past the stadia.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Most Useful Words for Generating Future Techno-Cultures

---An Attempt---

Wearable Aperture


Tele (Info)-Miracle

Ticket Catcher

Member City


Critical Mathematics

Flavor School

Psychology Robots

Death Lessons

Formal Revision

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chimera Suplicca, Subtle Chimera

---I wrote this for it's feeling of temporality---

The eternal is a good
That we failed to capture
It is a snapshot
A weapon of composure
Nothing is left of
The old stones or trees
New miracles await which
Accept death and chance
The passing of time is now
more corporate---
The words of the sages
Don't seem like stones any longer
The way was afforded to play
A game of life
And now, without immortality,
We are winning and losing

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Works in Hyper-Cubism

Six recent works using a digital technique to overlap my hand-drawn Hyper-Cubist works, as well as two original hangable drawings/paintings are available at my art page,

Below: A close-up.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thinness and Thickness Concepts in Dimensionality

There is a lot of uncentralized speculation about the role of technological concepts in dimensionalism (what I call dimensionism). To some extent these concepts are considered resolved by the specific assumptions of the disciplines which are claimed to be dimensional, e.g. mathematics is either applied or non-applied, aesthetic is mathematical or non-mathematical, philosophy is either rational or empirical, engineering is either aesthetical or structural, etc. Then, however, what can be concluded in the context where dimensionism is defined to be its own discipline? Ostensibly this angle has been overlooked. And a useful angle on this would be to address specific opposing concepts, so as to establish a dialectical form of reasoning about the subject.

Technology, I will treat as equivalent to dimensionism. It is in some ways more general---that it applies in theory to any functions concept, and in another way it tends to be an application, whereas dimensionism could be speculative. Thus I will treat this distinction as one between genus (dimension) and species (technology).

While technology is not the only concept used for thinness in our society, it is the predominant metaphor. It might even be extended into a person's desirable weight, or by extension, the tradability of weight with value---efficiency or ersatz equity.

What separates 'thinness' from invisibility is an interesting question. There has been some talk, on the fringe of future met averse (virtual reality) concepts, that invisible technology is the ultimate paradigm. But I suspect it is only a step along the path, and a step that is likely to be dramatized before it really exists. But, of course, as the trope goes, there has been considerable progress towards making laptops and smartphones more efficient. It tends to be a joke to deny that there has been a serious Moore's Law progression, even in very recent years, when critics claimed the technology could be shrunk no longer. Intel reports that it is continuing to shrink the circuits and increase the number of processors, in a sense a belated move towards technological dimensionalism. Apparently, however, dimensionalism has been deep on the mind of technologists, since there are not only numerous sophisticated logics involved in computers, but also evidence that Hyper-Cubism was introduced as a super-computer concept as early as the 1980's.

There are related questions to the invisibility of technology---for example, is there an optimal scale, or perhaps an optimal relation, when scale has succeeded in becoming abstractified? Perhaps the prime directive is simply that these technologies are dimensional.

Thus far, I would say, little progress has been made in expanding that concept. Although, I do point programmers, scientists, and philosophy students to my newly published book, The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit, which explains a useful method of categorical deduction. For a shortcut to the method, see my published essays at Ignore the physics paper unless you're looking for that kind of material.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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