Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mapping the Folly of Prediction: One Indicator

The above diagram shows the degrees of similarity which indicate that basic agreement with existential factors, whether they are statistics, impressions, or working tools, is a slippery slope into empirically determined actions, which are still labeled "intentions";

I detect a trend in philosophy that what is meant by intentional reality is decisions or conditions informed by outside influences, as expressed in the diagram; The very sophistication of these intentions is gauged in reference not to some interior "logic" or "mindset" but in relation to intentional reality, in other words, the rationability of the exterior influence upon the person; This is one thing that may be meant by behaviorism and functionalism, but it is also a statement about prospective predictions, the intellectual sense of what it means to have predictable reality; The influence at that stage is upon concepts such as "worlds", "disciplines", and "influences", depreciating what it means to have general unclosed statements in a body of discursive intellectual material::

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