Sunday, November 25, 2012

Irrationalism: Things That Seem Rational To Me

---Sometimes using an aesthetic stipulation---
P1: birds are mechanical
P2: what birds eat is mechanical,
P3: because it makes them mechanical
Q: So chicken feed is mechanical
Deductive Corollary: It's a brilliant thought that electricity is mechanical

Other Ideas / Opinions:

*Politics is pandaemonium, so it's artificial or functional

*Without psychology, all is surface or ersatz; yet psychology is not functional

*Liars are more or less functional than other people; Liars are gamblers or think that lying is meaningless; Liars understand or do not understand; Liars are simpletons; Liars could be given some theory that looks complex to them and is not in fact complex; Liars are exaggerators; Liars always have a strategy; Liars failed childhood

*Thought is impersonally selfish; By understanding, one gains advantage; Help is only helpful when there is selfishness; The greatest attempts at understanding are acts of selfishness, and they are not great acts of wisdom; Wisdom has a system; It is a selfish selflessness; It is the assumption of theatre, and the assumption of activity; People don't understand activity; People imitate ideas; People are only functional by having license; There is some authority that thinks that lust is more important than the resolution of any human impasse; What we get is sometimes what we desire of what we desire; Some of what we get is what we do not desire, either what we understand or what we desire to understand; The activity of desire is selfless, whereas the fixitude of understanding is foolish

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