Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brain Circuits 1.0

I ask myself now and then, partly unconsciously in the back of my mind, what if any program I "integrate with", hypothesizing that there is some compatibility between computers and so-called "brain cicuitry", is itself the character of my mind; The question I ask myself, a question I would ask or suggest other bloggers to consider themselves, is the question: "What are my brain programs" / "What is my knowledgeable advice"?

In my case, as a minimal modalist who values emotional realities, the following answers come to mind:


*Nihilism: integrates with meaning and processing

*Modularity: integrates with architecture and politics, by implication society and technology

*Classics Through History: cheap transcriptive knowledge-at-leisure, by the standards of the universe

*Memetic Hints: provides some insight into social situations

*Stealthy Parametrics: A "cheap" but sophisticated program for gauging conflictive engagements

*Pique d' Eloquiant: A creative language program, ostensibly with volition or preferences


*Empathic Regulator: empathy was not compatible with regulation, or perhaps technology; may still exist in an irrational form

*Field Combatant: intellectual fields were confused for combat willingness

*Heraldry: was creatively modified to be a newspaper generator e.g. American Herald; was judged to not be highly economical, used as an argument for autonomous control of the program

*D'lle Arte: failure to identify critical qualifiers, modification failed to turn the program into system for diabolical knowledge and superpowers; still used as a language reference index; Others may be using it to gauge progress in the art world, a process that seems mundane by comparison / a sleeper program

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