Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Analogy in Philosophy

The ostensible system of axiometry and coherency is also analogy. Not to say that the system is open-ended or non-determinate.

The condition of analogy in an exclusive system is that it occurs at the center of a diagram. Not only does this imply process and staticity, it also implies an assumption of equivalence between the opposing properties. The stipulation I use to implicate that weak and desirable properties are not in conflict or eliminated in such a system is that pragmatics is a balanced or functional---a dynamic---property of the system itself. Many desirable properties which signify one of the major typological categories, or is useful in the parsing of categories for appropriate judgment, becomes also a functional systemic component which is therefore rendered like a contextual universal---it has functional significance which may override the 'reality' of conflict.

What else may be said about analogical properties in a system? Sometimes they overlap, and become quantifiable, exponential. This is one of the great discoveries of the axiometric system called objective coherentism.

My book, The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit, is due to be released sometime next year. My first book, the 1-Page-Classics, is already available on Amazon and other websites.

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