Sunday, December 10, 2017

Quotes December 2017

"This philosophy, which is completely generalistic, results in a high degree of significant specializations, which would ultimately be treated more like a dimension of virtual paradise to be experienced and enjoyed than as a career path that is the subject of a miserable thesis."

---Nathan Coppedge

However, if the alternative to contradiction is physics, then there is no way to contradict the physical universe, and so the universe would be a perpetual motion machine. But if this physics were a contradiction, it could only produce smaller perpetual motion machines, since the universe exists, and eternity is measured in perpetual motion machines, and insofar as eternity is measured perpetual motion is physical.

---Nathan Coppedge

"By all accounts I lived one of the most miserable, infinitely significant lives, and there is not much evidence I will be remembered if I die. My plan is to be immortal, so people eventually get the message that I have special importance. Maybe if I'm a god they will understand my selfless mission to create perpetual motion and solve the ultimate problems of philosophy." ---Nathan Coppedge, message potentially addressed to someone who experiences eidetic visions

"Life has ideas! Life can afford understanding! Understanding is a meaningful experience! Life is worth living! Live the life that acquires worthwhile experiences." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Creativity may not be easy, but it does not necessarily require mastery." ---Nathan Coppedge

"A good scientific theory is reasonable and falsifiable. A good philosophical theory is useful and exclusive. Exclusive here means that if there are alternatives they are accounted for, or the theory is considered logically corrupt." ---Nathan Coppedge

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