Wednesday, May 3, 2017

List of Odd Attributes Acquired in Unlucky Times as a Perpetual Motion Inventor

* "Tesla Hair".
* "Dead Brain like Zeus I S'Pusse".
* "Paranoid with Lightning About".
* "Love foe Eureka, hates love relationships".
* Perfectly / Retarded / Folly- / Wise: "Nathan the Improbable" (answered the riddle but doesn't know the answer etc).
* "Schrodinger-Shot Feet".
* "Devilish Hips".
* "Satyr's Legs".
* "The Face of a Beautiful Woman".
* "The Ears that Fooled God".
* "Freckles that Eat Their Spectacles / Art Invisible / Invisible Art".
* "Big Pimple".
* (Formerly) "The neck that deserves a noose".
* (Formerly) A "Perfect Nose".

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