Thursday, December 8, 2016


Make art. Realize your imaginative possibilities. Look for symbols.
Develop a menu of symbolic modalities. Organize them. Discover their meaning.
Extend the best logic ad nauseam. Form a universal system where possible.
Generate all itera of existing methods. Exaggerate where necessary. Technicalize where necessary. Elaborate where necessary. However crude, the existing system is the basis for all derivatives.
Focus on a detail. Take part of the detail suitable for stylistic representation, and select it for use as a system.
Repeat, form other systems. “Bring to bear all things in one watcher”.
Form sigil-motifs to summarize and streamline existing symbols and systems. Use these as call-expressions for common logics.
Eke the best method. Form new works. Elaborate. Simplify.
Focus on only the best work. The soul of the system.
Explore major alternatives. Piece together intermediate areas.
Cheat: leap to this point and invent something new to extend the life of the system. For example, relativity, or perpetual motion. Work within existing conventions, and break them.
Work on prediction and limits. Improve intelligence. Find intuitive methods. Go back to the beginning.

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