Thursday, September 15, 2016

What God Says? A Dimensional Concordance

"I plugged my memory."

(Explanation: Divine memory is invisible).

"All the dimensions you need are dimensions." ---God?

(Explanation: all dimensions are contingent to history, therefore the fourth is the last of the dimensions to God.)

"Much is bought on double-compatibilism." ---God?

(Explanation: although there is a rule of sacrifice, there is also a rule of overall improvement.)

"Search ye heads for wisdom, and you find truth." ---God?

(Explanation: truth is the fundamental variable, and all things come from truth. Truth is the maker and breaker. Truth is metaphorically Santa Claus.)

"Portions of paradise arise soon, portions arise late." ---God?

(Explanation: life is designed not just for pleasure, but for explanations. The definition matters, not just the mode of operation.)

"Truth towers tie flowers."

(Explanation: life should be celebrated. Not to celebrate life is a failure.)

"Much is owed to idealese." ---God?

(Explanation: existence itself and the fundamental truths are a craft, and everything may depend entirely on a small, seemingly insignificant detail. Often these details are things like beauty and perfection.)

"Shadows may come to change the world." ---God?

(Explanation: we should not assume what we know. We may not know, and still the truth may change.)

"Ideas are worth forgiving." ---God?

(Explanation: what matters is impersonal if what we want is a guarantee.)

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