Monday, September 19, 2016

Omnus Omni: The Original Encyclopedia of Encyclopedias

Featuring Philosophical Knowledge Ranging from Omni-Science to Calculus and Immortal Writ---


Much of Coppedge’s best work packaged into one single volume of over 500 pages, this is a magnum opus the like of which the world has never seen! Spanning areas such as objective knowledge, calculus, and immortal writ, the difficulty will only be, as one reader has previously grasped, learning how to do appropriate justice to the text. More eclectic than any of Coppedge’s other works, this collection promises a hodgepodge of highly valuable materials that belongs on any intellectuals bookshelf. Many of the author’s longer categorical texts are included, as well as a wide selection of hard-to-find materials. Some of it, such as the included 42 editions of the self-printed philosophical news gazette, and short pieces called The Intellectual and The Demoniac were previously unpublished except in incomplete form.

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