Monday, September 19, 2016

Life & Brain Tips

Your brain doesn't have to be made of jello.

Don't think your brain is a poodle.

If the thought comes eventually, that's half the battle. Then all you have to do is remember it. Or, just be hyper-creative.

Some of the smartest people don't even realize it. Never take an I.Q. test, it will ruin you.

Study easy subjects and then apply them to hard ones.

Work hard on things you are sure to accomplish.

Solve big questions as soon as possible.

Make logic depend on big questions.

Ignore triviality unless you want to solve problems, or if it entertains your mind.

Write until you gain experience, then write better.

Every now and again, add new technical tools to your vocabulary.

Work at your own level unless you want to learn something.

Choose your attitude wisely.

Behave like your superiors or you will miss the show.

Orient yourself towards the most profound quest.

Identify the trouble-makers.

Avoid gambling and other poor financial choices.

Learn the harmony of your body without causing distress to your spirit.

Believe in gods, but more than that, believe in the gods' arguments and truth.

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