Friday, September 2, 2016

Latest Advice from Centenarians

"If you're female, expect excitement."

"It might be important to force the cure, if the timing is good."

"Return to the moments where you are most alive!"

"Even saying hello might be a ritual."

"Ritualized time!"

"Don't look at the far trees: focus on the near trees."

"The key is not to feel foolish when you're 100..."

"Bitterness can be left alone unless it's good medicine."

"Nature is larger than time."

"Less paint, more art!"

"Sometimes our every manifestation is old from the very beginning."

"The more right you are, the more immortal you are!"

"There is just one recipe: patience."

"Have a reason to be happy. And don't make mistakes."

"Suck the juice out of life. Make it permanent."

Judging from the above, one might expect living to 100 is an average activity for people with good ideas. Maybe that is how it is now.

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