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Conversation on Immortality with Anthony Schwartz

What is this school you are going to?
I understand, no problem Nathan, I don't mind having you on my list
Honestly, I'm still at Southern CT State University in undergraduate, studying philosophy. I have also attended Bard College briefly, where I developed a mental health issue, and I have taken some classes in web design and photoshop as well.
Intersting. I have been trying to find a good school for Philosophy as an undergraduate. Been out of the Navy for a year now and haven't really done much since.
I WON'T recommend SCSU. The Philosophy Department here is very small, and the classes taught don't provide much background in modern philosophy. I would recommend Columbia University, although I don't know if that is above your level or not. They do have a lot of interesting courses in modern philosophy, but you won't necessarily want to travel to Columbia if you live far away. Also, you may or may not find the exact scholars you want.
That is good to know. I think many philosophy departments might actually be quite small. It isn't the most desired subject. Currently, that is.
It has been a difficult realization for me that certain specific schools are specialists in certain specific subjects, although that doesn't necessarily matter for undergraduate. I'm only part time anyway, so I shouldn't be totally concerned. I'm not as competitive a student as I tend to think. Totally PT for the most part. Yet I am in the t
Yet I am in the Top 1.5% on a particular academic website. I highly recommend if you have a university affiliation (undergraduate or what have you).
If you have a local university or a hunch or preference I would go with that, although I cannot say that the results are always good.
That is awesome. I am currently not an undergraduate yet. Been debating wether or not it was worth it. Though it seems to gain influence and to have a say on certain subjects it is an obligation for the largest amount of reach for my works.
Whatever you study, you can use Academia.
Thanks man! I will take a look at it!
The one caveat is that you won't get very popular unless you have a lot of free papers, people who know you, or perhaps an officially peer-reviewed published paper, which is more difficult
It is possible to publish as an undergraduate, but it gets much easier in graduate school. If you collaborate with someone and use the professional formats with abstracts, definitions, background, etc. then you might get cited. I have one citation now on Google Scholar, which happened because of a collaboration. I actually did a video conference with this guy who sounded really excited. But then he got annoyed at me, and I was forced to publish my paper for free, because he wouldn't say anything about official publication anymore
Anyway, I don't mean to distract you with stuff that might not be relevant. Feel free to chat anytime though. I can't always promise an immediate response, however.
What do you mean with becoming immortal at the age of 9?
"I VOWED to become immortal at the age of 9" I made a commitment to pursue the QUEST of immortalty
I have at least two books on the subject: The Dimensional Immortality Toolkit, and the Secret Principles of Immortality
That I published, that is.
Interesting. I think... there are some similarities I find in myself with what I read some of your overviews on the published works
I admit I'm something of an optimist. I think I remember seeking immortality in past lives. But it could just be my lucky clovers talking. I never thought I was much of anything before I found my clovers.
The age 9 thing strikes me, that is why I am mentioning it
I know the "I" is immortal
Well, I know more who I was when I was younger and then at the age of 6 I 'woke up' and was fully physically aware
And lost that "I" connectction
I had before
Hard to tell how advanced some of this stuff is that you're saying. Some people are really advanced when they say those things, and others are kind of playing with words. Sometimes its even a tenuous connection that's hard-won and then fades away...
I vowed myself to something too when I was 3
That is why I find your views interesting, I haven't met anyone say something like that
I had a similar experience with the "I" in the sense that I was sure I had an ego when I was younger, and then when I went insane around age 19 I became less confident, and more solipsistic.
I had an instance which would have put me in jail around that age as well
Well, the things is, when the mind builds upon itself, there are various effects
Consciousness is but the friction of that "I" and the physical demands
May I ask what vow you made to yourself? You don't need to share if you don't want to...
It is more of a statement I guess. I want to know.
My vow was to be old before I was young.
I never felt young, even as a child I was able to converse with older people and felt more comfortable with people who have lived longer
A kind of principle of immortality
I could see that
I have to say I have not always felt close to older adults. I feel old (I think) but I do not connect very well with anyone. Sometimes I tell myself that when I'm much older I'll develop a relationship with someone very young.
Your vow is your reality
Some of my friends from high school might not call me immature, but they might also not think I was very bright. Unfortunately.
I identify with that.
Everything you are doing and saying, it to fulllfil that vow you made. So you are being immortal with the things you are doing, more likely, expressing the essence of immortality. Though, expressions are not the thing itself but a reflection.
So you are, the embodiment of immortality, but aren't yourself
This also influences your attraction towards things etc.
Actually, I saw it as a form of self-fulfillment as well. I admit I'm not 100% Buddhist.
Oh you are fulfilling yourself and your vow
Not saying you are not
My ultimate idea I finally realized was to be a kind of enchanter. Kind of crazy idea, I know. But, if I live to a long age, then I can call myself an enchanter if I want to, no?
Do you want to know what I am...
It's the most pleasant kind of gambling to make little contracts that are only fulfilled if life is highly exceptional.
I am a Magi. I study the various expressions which manifest in everything. These so called Laws of expression. To know and to control them is what my main purpose is I have given myself.
I could see that, somewhat
So instead of learning the reflections which formulate in all things of reality, I learn the things that cause the reflections
Sounds like a Seer to me. Or a diviner. I see though that the term Magi can have some power...
I know it sounds odd, but it isn't supernatural or something to that degree
In a way, it is mathematics but a form of it long forgotten or still unknown
I find I do not understand the term Magi completely. My closest analogy to a Magi is a philosopher, or maybe a sorcerer.
And that is what it is
But a philosopher is mainly focusing, a lot of times, on watching instead of using
I admit I'm not one to master channeling so far. Perhaps channeling is your gift, which would be awesome.
Not channeling
Oh, you said it was not magical...
It is based on cause and effect, but now induced with the rational mind of our age
I admit my knowledge of enchanting is just beginning, which an feel like I'm cheating...
I don't know what enchanting is
Sometimes I feel I can change the color of the sky. Affecting weather in ways like that is my first concept of enchantment.
That sounds powerful, but it does not have much of a usefulness...
I can only change it to purple, sounds crazy I know.
I tend to see gray as almost purple, and maybe I'm 'seeing red' on purpose, to fake myself into it. I'm not sure.
Is your vision healthy?
I also study souls. I have found a found a formula for generating the souls of literature, possibly learned from a rabbi (although I'm not Jewish).
Aren't souls the "I"?
Literary souls are the souls of books. But, if every name has a soul like the title of a book has a soul, then names have souls too.
Well I guess I am saying, there are multiple "I"'s
And yes you are correct
But don't forget that there are temporary souls and immortal souls
Some "I"'s have been created and need nourishment as well
My sense is that "I"s have intellectual definitions, sort of like the most exemplary piece of writing within a book. For me, it seems almost like magic to get the right words. They have varying powers, although it all scales to the natural powers of the person who uses / knows them. Sort of like knowledge of math.
Being an idealist, I tend to think that all true souls have some potential for immortality. It is a matter of the justice of the quest.
But one would need to ingrain oneself into a law, or immortal aspect
It is interesting to think that without perpetual motion there might not be any immortal lifetimes...
well yea everything moves
Yes, having a principle seems to be one of the first, important stages of immortality (at least in my assumptions).
I mean, without the invention of perpetual motion machines to prove the principle of immortality...
Becoming immortal could be a backslash though, if one become immortal on plane or fragment of reality that is not to your own desire or desirable "I"
I see
It may be important to ground oneself in the aspects of reality that are most known.
I would think, one would achieve immortality naturally that way
One would think, but there are aspects of physical nature that are corrupting / corrupted, supposedly. I try to disbelieve in them, but I admit I have male pattern baldness, and have sometimes been sick. I could predict that I have some kind of internal organ failure. My mother had gall stones... Sometimes its the small things that turn bad...
Well the names are immortal but their principles aren't
and there are stages
Relative immortality ought to be so much easier.
It seems that there is an infinite sacrifice of years to reach any age, regardless of whether it is 26 or 400
But since expression demands all forms, most will and should not explore such ends
and time is delusional
So, there will always be the names who will not reach immortality, but are immortal in their ways regardless
I would not fixate on names so much as the systems and modalities of nature and meta-nature...
With immortal nature there is immortal life.

The quest of the immortal is to find the timeless world, or else become some kind of public servant.

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