Saturday, September 10, 2016

An Enchanter's Journal

An excerpt from a future book called An Enchanter's Journal...

The enchanter is a great sacrificer.
He knows that souls are dark.
It began as a system of semantics.
And it grew into something far more complex.
An enchanter has many secrets that seem evil when they are revealed.
If someone is not disillusioned by an enchanter, then they might become one!
So, the enchanter expects to meet enchanted guests.
He expects to speak only of enchantment.
It is not that he does not offer any services of value---!
Indeed, he does, particularly if he lives in the Age of Free Energy!
It so happens that I am such a would-be-enchanter.
I might be an enchanter if I live to 777 or 888.
I have already made the sky change color (I think).
I have cast lightning based on a conversation I had at a Poetry Slam.
That is unrelated, but at least it’s magic!

The potential of an enchanter is borne in sacrifices.
And so I say I am a great sacrificer.
What I mean is something technical.
I mean, souls are dark in my semantics.
Souls have meaning.
And I work with souls.
But at the moment my knowledge of souls is nominal.
I have a formula for the souls of literature.
It is a great achievement.
But, I will need many great achievements to be an enchanter.
It is something that binds together my personality.
An enchanter has a chance only if he happens to be the greatest of men----
Even by some coincidence!
If someone like myself does the following:
Has an object in life that they’ve achieved that leads to immortality.
And it is not excessively material,
Then this is like a philosopher’s stone---!
It is something that could be useful to a magical creature.
I might aim to achieve it only with great progress near the far end of 777 years.
An unpredictable goal! That’s what an enchanter needs!
Along with reasons to accept enchanted guests.
Formulas for souls.
Considerable subtlety, and a principle of force.
After that, enchantment --- or rather, enchanting --- is rarely coincidental.

---Nathan Coppedge, Sept. 8th, 2016

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