Friday, August 12, 2016

Immortal Body, Immortal Mind Part 1: Health Tips Interpreted from the World's Healthiest People

1. Allow yourself to be yourself with added conditionalities.
Conditionalities like 'no smoking', 'no drinking' and 'I feel happy'.
This will improve digestion, heart health, and mood.
Have principle where possible. Even try to be tough.

2. Moderate exercise, and avoid artificial foods that taste odd with sugar in them.
This will improve longevity and prevent diabetes. Avoid sugar if you can't taste it, and avoid sugar when you have chest pain. Stay active with your mind or body or both. The only thing that can justify a lot of sleep is mental activity or the desire to recover from an illness (mental, physical, or spiritual).

3. Think about your body.
This helps prevent complications like cancer and heartburn.
It may also help to give your body natural attention without introducing bizarre chemicals.
The fewer chemical interactions, the better, unless you are feeling uninspired or stuck. (A small amount of shampoo often necessary to avoid skin conditions. And medication may be necessary with a serious illness).

4. Avoid harming your body.
Think of your body as the perfect information repository.
There is no reason to hate your body unless you hate your life.

5. Digest your problems.
If you do not confront your actual issues, health will become worse.
Don't panic, but don't feed the fire.

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