Saturday, August 13, 2016

A New Order of Ideas

Practical Metaphysics. For example, karma and changing the world.

Broken system. A system that tests the limit of ultimate reality. An enjoyable system.

Metaphysical work. Work that means something ultimately.

Compositional determinism. Choice between futures / alternate singularities / alternate identities.

Second center. Hierarchies contained in one object or archetype.

Ideal problems. Problems that in some sense aren't problems at all.

Passive motion. The original concept of transformation.

Manifestial computer. Degrees of manifestation are degrees of computing.

Designer logic. Comes after universal logic.

Rhetorical metaphysics.

Atoms are defense modes.

Greater inference.

Secret combination.

Continuous termination.

Ritual of rejuvenation.

The Infinite Computer concept of physics.

Universal singularity.

Existence karma (if you suffer, you’re allowed to be superior. If you’re exceptional, the world improves)

Instantialism. The fact that the outside might not change. Outer factors remain relevant.

Fillamentary Consciousness: sensing of nerves specifically, sometimes with a magical connotation.

Relative relativism = absolutism.

Exponential efficiency. The real meaning of efficiency.

Economic Physics: the theory that the universe justifies physical resources by mental commitments which originate in desires for control and other subtle or material properties, which in turn create the politics of manifestation. This may assume an eternal universe, or just a wide scope of information. One possible rule would be that what is both real and worthless will experience everything insofar as it is nothing. What is everything will tend not to be real, or will tend to have great value, confirming the economic view of physics. The major opposition comes from worthless experiences of everything, or valuable experiences of nothing.

Semantic Energy: energy that is effective even though it is theoretical.

Super-normal: a condition in which the center possesses special attributes, or in which the average unit is dynamic and / or high-functioning.

Negative Semantics: magic.

Mass-Energy: energy arising from clever mass interactions, typically in the form of constant potential momentum resulting from structural interrelations and chain-reactions. It never has inherent energy, and depends on methods of cheating to gain the equivalence of force. It can only be explained as interactions over sufficient periods of time, and the amount of time it takes to complete a cycle is indefinite apart from specific constructions, as it is functional at many scales (Energy that is neither gravitational, electric, chemical, magnetic, or atomic, and may be permanent or 'free').

"English knowledge" for example, formulas for knowledge in English sentences. Inspired by sonnets and haiku, these also make use of logical relationships to complete specialized tasks.

Proportional judgement: The view that logical judgements depend on the scale adopted. As a result, any property analogous to visual appearance or form can be used to remark on the logical significance of the overall figure. Where languages are graphical or symbolic and rational, an analogy to other forms of judgment can be found.

Substantive judgement: Where a particular part of a linguistic or symbolic language has greater importance than the other parts, its significance may be expressed in terms of its relation.

Automatic causation: Where some outcomes always have better results in the long-term, the intermediary process may be deemed inconsequential, and thus, an automatic leap to the conclusions is desirable.

Retrofitted ideas: Ideas might be indefinitely improved through a change in representation, or reach a stage of perfection. History involves a dialectic between the best available ideas and the current lengua franca.

Inspired universe. The concept that properties and information evolve through interactions with other properties and information, resulting in a strong tendency for pre-processed behavior. By this rule, problems only emerge from primitive sources, and metaphysical problems are a result of economic physics and comparative evolution.

1-Degree Absolute Knowledge: Categorical deduction.

Method of Paroxysm: A solution to paradoxes. Also, a double-paradox.

Psychic Prediction: Eight interrelated methods may solve much of the problem.

Formula for the Souls of Literature: A method devised for reproducing parts of ancient texts, and maybe defining souls in general.

Intuitive Calculus. How to gain mathematical intuition really fast: Intuitive Calculus

Intuitive Physics. How to gain physical intuition really fast: Intuitive Physics

‘Pataphysics. A crazy, perfect form of knowledge I didn’t invent: Nathan Coppedge's answer to What is the best definition of 'pataphysics?

Gestalt Theory. Gestalt Theory (Psycho-Analytic Systems) .

The Volit: The 2nd Zero or 2nd Center, a way of quantifying internal progressions. For example, a paradigmatic concept such as Knowledge, Evolutionary stages, Libraries, or Systems may be incremented to show replacement systems. For example, an empty system may be replaced with a knowledgeable one, a primitive lifeform may be replaced with an advanced one, or a system of random titles may be replaced with an organization of the best qualified examples from all areas.
Volitional Mechanics: The science of working perpetual motion machines, which has so far been considered dubious.

Volitional Energy: The proneness to return to a higher altitude repeatably, calculated by working with a relatively successful design, and measuring moving parts divided by dual axial parts.

Volitional Momentum: Another word for volitional energy, except sometimes expressing or proportional to real units of energy. Such as momentum per cycle.

Volitional Equilibrium: Negative factors, like particularly the number of moving units, which can detract from theoretical energy. Counter-acted by having 0 dual-directional parts, which must be supported with evidence.

Volitional Efficiency: A theoretical over-unity rating taken by dividing volitional energy by volitional equilibrium.

Exponential equality (populism).

Exponential Studies.

Weather Studies.

Old genes. Hypothetico-pejoratively.

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