Thursday, June 2, 2016


"There can be an ultimate truth. [And yet] ultimate truths can be immediate truths."
---Nathan Coppedge, acquisition theory

"Some cases are effective because of a constant.But in many other cases, a case may only be effective when it is 'active'.This distinction between active and passive processes often defines the origin of a function."
---Nathan Coppedge, active process

"The importance... is in forming a rational system. But as soon as we can be responsible for such a system, we can also be responsible for destroying it."
---Nathan Coppedge, intellectual morals.

"Thinking of good things might be selfish. Thinking of bad things might be foolish."
---Nathan Coppedge, intellectual morals.

"I discovered recently that certain types of abstractions are believable and yet with only thought as evidence. It seems to vary from person to person what these things are. I think this points towards an as-yet-unrealized reality in higher dimensions". --- Nathan Coppedge, Quora 2016

"Wise persons throughout history have recommended a life of temperance and moderation (even in the emotions) with the assumption that total indulgence either backfires or is unattainable. Some of the most insatiable lovers and gluttons also claim to be the least satisfied. People who are highly emotional sometimes live in an emotional desert. Learning from these cases, philosophers preach moderation." ---Nathan Coppedge, Quora 2016.

"I for one equate emotions and intellect as being identical. There is no true analysis of intellect without the emotions. Emotions have properties. Intellect just has abstractions. Both are necessary, and if they are perfectly complex, then they are boundless and immoderate." ---Nathan Coppedge, Quora 2016

"Which is often overlooked, is that technical words need a technical meaning. Analytich is not just analytic, but a step beyond the analytic. In this way, with every word each language offers a particular tier on every ladder. They are not just words, but words ideally suited to their schema." ---Nathan Coppedge, The Philosophical Conditional

"Thoughts (are the definition of) travel."

"If there is a metaphysical fourth dimension, then time travel may exist as early as the 3.5. At that point, a mixture of talent and divine intervention might take you there without even seeing the fourth dimension very clearly. However, it is still only about as probable as magic invisibility, teleportation, or extreme biological longevity." ---Nathan Coppedge, answer to 'could time travel ever be possible', June 2016

"Time is the common medium connecting all the outsides." ---Nathan Coppedge, June 2016

"Evolution takes place through a kind of smallness within time. Like it or not, it is often greater to think or perceive than to struggle or die." ---Nathan Coppedge, June 2016

"Consciousness as we understand it begins with the hierarchy of utility." ---Nathan Coppedge, June 2016

"For is it not a mistake to say that things are ‘approximately true’ ?" ---Nathan Coppedge or who?


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