Sunday, April 17, 2016

Social Program Testing Concept of Economy-Based Citizenship

I think this is a real article that is posted in April because it attracts skepticism:

This may be the latest trend pointing towards 'free economics'.

If someone had secretly invented perpetual motion it would make total sense!

I, for one, already receive free money through SSA and SSI.

The natural step is to reduce the stigma associated with their use.

I love the concept of a government in which each citizen can have their own official webpage or virtual reality platform connected with the government and social as well as citizen functions.

Free economics could easily support such a platform at minimal cost, since computer infrastructures tend to be cheap to maintain. Just pay for interface improvements at a national level every few months or few years, and let the citizens do the rest! Have some platforms that benefit innovation, and it basically pays for itself! Not to mention that perpetual motion could pay for anything!

---Nathan Coppedge

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