Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Logic of Millennials

The word "Millennial".

Assorted goodies.

A perverse feeling.


(Really better than stuff before, so far as presentation, but with many shortcomings, amounting to an over-commitment to media over 'real life'. Of course, Generation Y was like this, too. Although a Millennial might say that any relation is a delusion.)

Anyway, don't feel bad, millennials! All you need is good feelings. And in many cases, they are widely available! Borrow a little authenticity from prior generations, and you're as good as gold!

(In fact many millennials are more mature than me at this point. They know how to drive a car or succeed in college. Some millennials may ask me, where are those people? Every generation fails by its own standard, even while the class above every level succeeds in surpassing the class beneath it, while failing at its own standard... I for one invented my own status in the world, but remain a loser by most standards... There are people in Generation Y who are more mature than me, too, obviously. I for one don't know how anyone holds a job or graduates in four years... The longest job I have had lasted 2 years... public library...)

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