Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prediction #16

16,705.65USDUp189.15 (1.15%)

Stocks are up 1/5 of the way between 16,000 and 17,000 in one day.

This suggests that it is possible to gain 1000 points in 10 days conservatively.

That means that 18,000 could be reached in 12 days.

Obviously the market needs to reassess how quickly it makes gains and losses, yet focus on how money makes money when it sits there.

The fundamental principle appears to be 'not to DO anything with money' if you want to earn money.

But there are other principles too, like how to acquire attention for a business, which is often by spending money thriftily, much like choosing a free self-publisher for books instead of an exorbitant one.

The broader sense then, is on 'bang for the buck' and how to turn that into economic statistics.

The overall numbers once again show underestimates about the value of perpetual motion:

The computer may be assessing the following:

*There is a little devil.

*The little devil is trumped.

*The little devil lies, and this is good for the devil.

*The difference involves what a human would think is 50 cents, and there is a human called 50 Cent.

*Consequently, the little devil may be worth 50 cents.

*Consequently, what we already thought, that humans underestimate perpetual motion.

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