Friday, March 25, 2016

Daunting Levels of Perpetual Motion / Quality Point System (Low is better)

In the process of experimenting with perpetual motion, I have discovered a number of additional degrees which any novice might consider to be expressions of full-blown perpetual motion, but which are really sometimes partial examples. Here is a list for your convenience according to my own expertise with volitional science (both ends of the list may lead to other categories which are less important for perpetual motion science):

Seriously, starting with the less significant and more common discoveries:

7. Over-Unity Magnet Motor: (This is usually a deceptive name) Definition: A motor with inputted electricity that purportedly generates more electricity than it burns. Usually does not run for very long, because it is really using batteries or another power source.

6. Successful Over-Unity Experiment. Definition: An experiment which may provide evidence of over-unity principles. May involve an incomplete horizontal cycle.

5. Successful Perpetual Motion Experiment. Definition: An experiment that proves a principle of perpetual motion. At minimum, an experiment which proves a cycle can be completed. Sometimes this may not involve an actual functional machine due to construction primarily.

4. Trillion-Dollar Discovery: A perpetual motion experiment that gives conclusive evidence of perpetual motion principles if only people knew the facts, and the facts should be obvious.

3. Successful Over-Unity Machine: This is sometimes a step beyond a trillion-dollar discovery because it completes cycles with a verifiable principle. The difference between this and a fully functional perpetual motion machine is a vague one. Sometimes there is no distinction, whereas other times the difference is quality of construction.

2. Successful Perpetual Motion Machine: Not a motor, a perpetual motion machine has an elegant principle and is solidly built, ready to be patented.

1. Successful Perpetual Motion Power Plant: This is a large-scale functional perpetual motion machine that is used to generate considerable power.

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