Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Interface Euphoria 15.0


Aesthetics have logic functions.

Most basic aesthetic is 'diffuse' aesthetic, which is the non-logically structured version of the aesthetic, which can serve as a waiting room or 'loading program' or restaurant (not all loading programs are violent).

It can be seen as a place for examining objects and observing natural wonders through the mists of time.

Back to logical aesthetics examples:

Chinese logic: the logic of enchanted objects such as containers, weather collectors, and origami.
   Chinese logic is like origami propped up with sticks, explosions that burn paper, and magic scrolls,
    plus the sorts of landscapes that appear on Chinese scrolls.
     Chinese logic can be used as a transition to modernism, such as modern houses and analytic
Meta paradigms include transition to anything advanced, while symbols may be related to alchemy and ancient magic.

Missile logic: this aesthetic is all about causal connections made from straight or curvy lines.
    the lines can glisten, contain information, explode quickly or slowly, etc.
    like its name suggests, it is fairly miscellaneous, providing a minimalist bridge between other aesthetics.

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