Monday, January 25, 2016

What if I invented the God Particle?

Invented the God Particle?

Now it's encased in cement!

We're doing the Star Wars thing!

If we're doing the Star Wars thing

Then it's encased in cement

And when it wasn't observed, it wasn't.

So, someone invented the God Particle.

It might have been the one who thought of it.

Who thought of thinking it---

Who thought God Particles could be invented---

A polytheist

With a theosophical bent.

Perhaps the inventor of Atheistic Theology:

And who is that?

Nathan Coppedge for one!

Maybe there's more than one inventor of the God Particle

But only if there's only one God.

Multiple Gods would make one decision---

See what I mean?

It's the mind seal of the God Particle.

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