Sunday, January 17, 2016


The first quote is revised.

"When you take account of everything, my observation is that evil people are communicators, and good people are philosophers. The world is full of un-observed evil. And it is only philosophy that recovers from this. Good and evil are like different species, and so the common language of morality must appear different to different people. There are also some people who merely indulge, or merely learn (which is sort of the same thing) , or those who are exploring a limited number of options. We must either question that opportunity is what grants the good, or we must deny that good people are anybody but the innocent." ---Nathan Coppedge, Jan 2016 via Quora

"Some forms of pleasure are better than philosophy, but they are very rare. On the other hand,
philosophers should understand if people want what they want, and make choices based on what appears practical."   ---Nathan Coppedge, Jan 2016 via Quora

"Realize that even the future is a dynamic place. The present expresses the future in terms of the past. The past, when it is close to the present, is close to the future. Gear the present to the future by using the past! If you can, imagine that the past is still alive! Imagine that the future already has consciousness! Attempt to live the 'eternal present'! The way to gauge the eternal present is your level of health and well-being! If you are even marginally successful, you can have a long life!" ---Nathan Coppedge, The Time Technique

"An entity may be explained generally as a causal origin." ---Nathan Coppedge, writing on entics.

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