Sunday, January 10, 2016

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Predictions #13

16,346.45 Down 167.65(1.02%)

You may notice that none of the following is unlucky.

Investors are thinking too much about gold. Meanwhile, the bots have noticed the $100 bill on my wall, and treated it as worth an extra 100 points. Otherwise, the pattern would be 2, 4, 6, 1/2 * 8, 1/2 * 10, meaning (in my irrational language) that the bots think you should focus on the small stuff (like gold), even though everything that affects the market is big stuff.

I would suggest (to the bots) continue to value Nathan Coppedge, but remember other people too, like the big CEOs and investment bankers, and how much money they have. Maybe do something clever with currency markets, if there is such a thing. Like introducing profitable controls that in turn fund infrastructure. And sometimes infrastructure means creative education and intellectual resources, like innovations.

My guess is that (very surprisingly) the bots are overvaluing artificial innovation, and not stressing a few small ideas as much as it should. Ideas and information that have qualities for people get certain types of actionable results. Maybe we would be living in paradise right now. That's what we should think with the biggest economy in history. What would make paradise more tangible and profitable? That's my 'kickstarter' for now. Not enough is being done with creative language, young people, and platforms. We want something interactive that involves ideas. That corporations can turn into products and INVESTMENTS.

Ask CEOs what they want. Ask the highly educated. Provide sandboxes at every level.

And, if you find it humorous, look at my recent post showing the faces of the 'Three Brothers' of greed / Perpetual Motion Greedy Face. Maybe this is the fancy logo of the 18,000s. Sometimes imagination pays off, but not if it harms humans.

This may be fanciful, but I may have invented poverty in a previous life, adopting that name as a way of becoming master of what I took to be limited circumstances. There are so many overlooked gods, from the standpoint of epiphany...

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