Saturday, January 2, 2016

NEW RELEASE: Dimensional Artist's Toolkit


In this original book, the author (an abstract artist) demonstrates what he calls the ‘many-folded forms’ of artistic expression. Art cannot be outdone as a symbol both for variation and for the transcendental. Art represents not only ‘power’ and ‘motion,’ but every type of genius. The author believes that genius can be taught, and introduces guidance on many aspects of aesthetics.  Included are numerous illustrations demonstrating many aesthetic techniques. This work is a propo in that it extends the functions and models of the contemporary artist. This, the fifth volume of the encyclopedia is devoted to aesthetics out of a profound deference to its underlying importance in a wide variety of disciplines. In particular, this text introduces a variety of techniques for creating Hyper-Cubism, a form of art that the author calls ‘the next iteration of Cubism’. This book is an exciting opportunity that will please the aesthetic connoisseur.

This text is now available on Amazon HERE:

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