Thursday, January 7, 2016


By Nathan Coppedge

Those who have frequented my blog enough may recognize that I occasionally
post very interesting materials on dieting.

One of these methods is the Buddha Diet, another is the Wizard Diet.

And there are several others.

Here, I am going to collect them for you, with some additions.

This will allow you to pick and choose, if you have a weight problem.

I. The Valedictorian Diet

One dieting method I have not mentioned yet is a snatch of a method mentioned by
the Valedictorian of my high school class.

The part I remember is that she cautioned that someone should choose between
sugar and fat first. But one should eat a lot of carbs like bread and rice.
The carbs allow one's body to metabolize the other thing, but the body is
not capable (usually) of metabolizing both fat and sugar.
Other than that, she said, do the usual, exercise. And avoid unhealthy foods.

II. Assorted 'Magical' Tips

1. I have noticed that it helps to focus on clearing out toxic fluids when
urinating. There is a particular organ, the pancreas perhaps, that collects
toxic fluids from the body. And, if you don't urinate properly, these fluids
are not cleared out. Incidentally, when I started concentrating on clearing
out negative fluids when urinating, this seemed to contribute to weight loss,
presumably because the body was no longer distracted with processing
bad and harmful chemicals.

2. Eating Turmeric ('yellow root' powder) can aid with digestion, and therefore
improve metabolism. This also helped me.

3. Certain types of stretches (what I call humorously my 'Secret Exercises')
burn a lot of calories with minimal exertion. One of these in particular is
leg rolls. Another is similar to 'doing the limbo' (if you can, it strengthens
your stomach and burns a lot of calories in the process).

III. The Magical, Philosophical, or 'Buddha' Diet

The Buddha is known to have died by over-eating pork. At other times, he ate little or nothing. This seems to show a magical view of food. In a similar view, one might eat a few delicacies (nutty chocolate or pudding, perhaps), instead of meat and potatoes. But what are the dangers of this view? For one thing, it might sometimes lead to a less healthy diet. But, on the other hand, because of the ‘magical diet’ mentality, it might lead to less food consumed overall. The answer is to have enjoyable alternatives to plain fruit and nuts and milk, while also continuing not to over-consume. When it becomes obvious that over consuming chocolate is not a good idea, a small amount of exercise and some exotic fruits might compensate for the chocolate that was consumed. Fruits like sweetened cranberries (‘Craisins’) can supplement for candy. Chocolate milk can be used to replace soft drinks. A diet high in carbohydrates can help cut back on sugar and meat consumption. The magical diet involves two primary aspects: eating only special foods, and not eating a large amount of them. Then add a third part, which is being more discerning about your diet.

IV. 'Metabolic' Diet

1. Procedure: Coming up with lists of healthy regimens, such as vegetarianism, dieting, and exercise has a limited benefit that begins the cycle towards better health.
2. ‘Comfort’ Methods: Extreme mental control of biological functions in a relaxed and informed way can lead to positive metabolic changes.
3. Atavistic Adaptation: This is an inevitable stage if one is to remain thin and mentally alert. However, if used incorrectly, it can lead to stress or drug dependencies. Drugs are not involved. Just an extreme mental process.
4. Enlightened Problem-Solving: Also called metaphorically, ‘picking bullets from the air’, this involves extreme insight about the state of the universe and how to respond.

V. Longevity Diet

All in all, the effect is rather profound, if enacted properly, that is, holistically.
A strategy can be found. For example:
1. If you have traveled far through life, say, 20 - 65 years since you made the commitment to immortality, then remind yourself of your own skyhigh ambition for immortality, and all that this originally meant. This can have an effect when ordinary things like exercise and dieting do not.
2. If your exercise and dieting is not working perfectly, but having some effect, then try counteracting some of the negativity through physical or spiritual negation. This may involve choosing special healthy foods such as broccoli (famously), turmeric, or a longevity supplement. Or it may involve spiritual choices such as having a ‘dieting mentality’ or thinking more positively about life. Positivity is known to have caused radical changes in a short time for some people.
3. If the only problem is that you don’t feel quite well, although you have no major reason to worry about your physical health, then the answer may be to exert yourself a little more. A little activity can get your brain moving in a better direction.
4. If you are just starting to focus on longevity, an important move may be to focus on your location on every level of existence. This is similar to what Socrates called ‘knowing thyself’. It is also similar to the Eastern concept of Feng Shui (roughly meaning ‘proper alignment’), which is supposed to govern things ranging from physical and mental health to beauty and wealth. This ‘locatedness’ will help you come to terms with your own limitations, and your own potential for growth.

VI. The Justice or Wizard Diet

This is the toughest diet I've ever thought of,

But it is worth reporting since I already mentioned the Magical Diet or Buddha diet earlier.

In the Justice Diet you need a lot of knowledge, so you know what to eat.

Everything (often very few things) is / are selected at a given time.

The point is, what is selected is just the right thing for your health in-the-moment.

This is good for people that have already done significant dieting, but want to go further.

You may take as a model, eating half of a pear, because you think there's something wrong with pears.

However slight, there might be something wrong with it!

For example, there are people practicing yoga or kosher who will avoid food that is even slightly rotten
or mushy. This is a reason to avoid all but the most fresh and high-quality foods.

Another thing is that a diet high in sugar can be replaced with a diet that supplements sugary
beverages with a solid food product that is more interesting, but contains no sugar, or replaced with
a diet high in carbohydrates without sugar.

So, if you are eating a lot of sugary beverages (as many dieters do), or trying to find a way to remain
off of meat products, this may be a good diet to follow.

Simply consider choices like almonds and water instead of chocolate milk, and half a pear instead
of an expensive meal.

This is the kind of thinking that can get you pointed in a good direction!

And, supplement with Turmeric! Drink the freshest water whenever possible! Aqua pura! Not Purafina!


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