Thursday, January 14, 2016

Close call! Another source looks similar to categorical deduction (but not quite!)

Nicholas Rescher, Process Metaphysics (1987), in a section on the American philosopher Wilmon Sheldon (1875 - 1981): "In particular, Sheldon saw the conflict of philosophical systems---materialism vs. idealism, intellectualism vs. voluntarism, determinism vs. indeterminism, and so on---as products of failure to realize the existence of productive polar TENSIONS through the distorting over-emphasis on ONE OF TWO interconnected polar opposites... The real phenomena we confront are one and all products of creative opposition of polar opposites..." (p. 24)

This seems very close to categorical deduction, but the description is not clear enough to say whether Sheldon thought the result was coherent. I will do further research soon.

Sheldon does not appear to say that the opposites are opposed on the diagonal, OR that a coherent sentence can be formed of them, which are both critical developments for REAL COHERENT KNOWLEDGE.

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