Tuesday, December 29, 2015


How To Commit Suicide?:
Don't. Because it's painful. Period.

How To Trick Someone?:
Don't. It leads down the wrong path.
Besides, it's always a better trick if they don't feel fooled.
Real tricksters are professionals, because professionals earn money.
But to earn money, you can't fool everyone.
Homeless woman who was a pickpocket only improved when she accepted public services. How ironic!

How To Have Pleasure?:
Recovery, stimulation, moderation in that order.
People who don't know these things often lack pleasure.
And, sometimes it's necessary to select a different kind of pleasure.

How To Be Wise?:
Don't follow. Know what is right.

How To Start a Business?:
Produce what is in demand to fit the available market.
If the market changes, change your product or sway the consumer.
Other rules you can break.

How To Make Love?:
Fall in love, or simply love humanity.

How To Be Practical?:
Ask questions you can answer.
Focus on the 'now' and make plans that are achievable.


Many of humanity's problems are from not being able to argue, or not having adequate experiences.

Some of these problems are practical, philosophical, or scientific, whereas some are purely humane.

Rhetoric Against War?:
War assumes those worth defending with weapons are weak-minded enough to carry weapons themselves.
War is wrong, except for automatons, and it is right to the extent that it doesn't really exist.

Value of Words?:
Words are an approximation.
Those who don't use words can't make a genuine argument without making war or asserting authority.
But we know war is wrong, and we know that authority should be used for the right purpose.

Pursuit of Meaning?:
Some meanings are practical, philosphical, or scientific, but others concern humanity.
Meaning should be nurtured so that life is not hollow of purpose.

Argument Against Time / Death?:
Death compromises education.
Death is wrong.


What Is Wisdom?:
Safe answer: It is practical, and deals with humanity.
Otherwise, it is scientific, or else it involves spiritual self-absorption.

What Is Ideal?:
Beauty you do not desire.
Knowledge that is perfect and complex.
Abstract answers.
Things that withold their secrets.

What Is Knowledge?:
Sentences formed of opposites in which the opposites are opposed on the diagonal, AB:CD and AD:CB.

What Is A Solution To All Paradoxes?:
The opposite of every word in the best definition of the problem in the same order as the original words.

What Limits Knowledge?:
What limits knowledge is quantity and uncomprehensibility.
Dimension is the exponent of all knowledge.


What Is Nature?:
Nature is development.

What Is The Goal of Civilization?:
The goal of civilization is to have a property for development.

What Limits Science?:
What limits science in the big picture is objectivity.
What limits science in the small picture is language.
These are true while it isn't philosophy.

What Is Matter?:
Matter is the picture of development.

What Is Energy?:
Energy is the explanation for matter.

What Is The Picture?:
Probability, and any logic available.

What Is Probability?:
A relationship.

What Is Logic?:
Theoretical math. Property.

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