Saturday, December 5, 2015

Quotes Early December 2015

"The universe MIGHT BE a dimension, but if so, it must be a UNIVERSAL dimension." ---Nathan Coppedge

"I get a picture in which organisms themselves are filling technological niches----Look to a mixture of specialized speciation, new reality concepts, greater existential gratification, and mixtures of categories in the fourth dimension." ---Nathan Coppedge

"Children know the answers, adults know the problems. Wise men know the religion. Mad men know everything, but not very well. Study your intuitions, and the meaning will come, if it has not arrived already!" ---Nathan Coppedge

"(Mark my words) Perpetual motion is a kind of metaphorical fuel!" ---Nathan Coppedge, Dialogue on Perpetual Motion and Fuel-Based Machines

"No, understanding is beside the point... Then, ironically, there is considerable understanding involved." ---Nathan Coppedge, paradox from Dialogue on Moral Imperatives

"WHAT precedes IS, even when is ‘is’ better; yet WHAT may be how we know WHAT IS; What is ‘is’ what is left of what is." ---Nathan Coppedge, Dialogue on Mount Everest

"Neutrals are systems, values are exceptions, paradoxes are minimums."

"Sex is synergy and virgins are God."

"You can't blame people for having standards... Standards are things we can't change... But we can blame people for destroying or ignoring standards..." ---Nathan Coppedge (possibly dated to earlier)

"Pain and pleasure are not opposites, so there is no use justifying one with the other." ---Nathan Coppedge, Dec 2015.

"Metaphysics is neither religious nor particularly subject to critical theory. It is the realm of the universal and the particular, of unique conditions bridging the gap between ordinary and exceptional realities."---Nathan Coppedge,3rd Body of Criticism.

"The history of dimensions is to some extent the solution to pain. Those who suffer more gain more artificial value, but do not always see the whole picture. Thus, late emergence of pleasure is the most pressing paradigm. All of life builds on pleasure, including mental pleasure, that has already emerged."---Nathan Coppedge, via

"Each person is confronting his or her own deepest problems. This explains the emotional difficulty some people have." ---Nathan Coppedge, via Quora, re-posted in Scientific Theories due to be released in 2016

"Each person is god of his or herself, in the sense that each person realizes the fullest definition of his or her own potentially limited power. The limit of power is the limit of definition."
---Nathan Coppedge, via Re-posted in Spiritual Writings.

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