Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Perpetual Motion Stock Market Prophecies, Part 12

17,602.61 Up 185.34(1.06%) 

The initials this time are (NC) F[O]B / FA

As best I can discern, following the theory that I'm highly significant to the stock market, what the computers are interpreting this time are: 'FLYING OVER BUILDING' (FO usually means 'flyover'), and 'FREE-AIR'.

The computer has heard a recent conversation in which I called myself a drone, but without knowing that what I meant was that I was a drone of society, like a bee, not an electronic drone spying on myself.

The computer knows I'm conscious, or is taking that as information, but seems to confuse the observation network with the relevant details of making economics work. It is not doing much wrong however, other than thinking drones are highly important.

There is continued optimism about perpetual motion and objective knowledge.

Perhaps the shift has begun towards new interfaces----sometimes confused behavior is a sign that Bill Gates is applying some ice on a new patent idea.

In general optimism. High U.S. stocks should mean that the U.S. could survive a war with Russia provided that nuclear weapons weren't used. I suspect the relationship of both countries with China will complicate the notion of any totalistic conflict. After all, there are a lot of wealthy nations that don't want to be involved.

A recent argument I made that a drone may have heard expressed my opinion that China should be given the only privilege to use tactical nukes, since it would be disastrous if the U.S. or Russia used it against one or the other, and other types of conflicts so far have not merited the risks of their use. But if China doesn't use tactical nukes, then this points towards easing between U.S. and Russia over nuclear weapons under this agreement.

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