Thursday, December 3, 2015

Info-Struct 1 (from years ago)

A kind of game based on a variety of truths. As I say, God might be found there. This writing is re-constructed from a work that has been missing since my previous blog was over-written.

0. Categories, which are properties.

1. The aperture: a symbol that can be modified with different results.

2. The Logicum: formulae based on the aperture and the categories.

3. The Info-Struct: metaphorical landscape used to develop knowledge.

4. Archetypes: objects found in the metaphorical landscape, such as perpetual motion machines, invisibility cloaks, etc.

5. The Agons: A.I. personalities whose precepts reflect the landscape of categorical forms.

6. The Modae: ideal behaviors created by the interaction with the Agons.

7. The Modulus: metaphysical forms that exist in the ideal landscape, or beyond ideal.

8. The Personality: God, who might live there, based on the concept of knowledge and perfection.

9. The Body: a political conclave that might operate there. They have ideal concepts of government, based on 'ideal ideals'.

10. Attributes: imperfect (incomplete) objects used to demonstrate theoretical problems, the function of which is the Body, the Modulus, the Modae, and the Personality.

11. Metem-Physics: the common language of ideas found in this place.

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