Saturday, September 26, 2015

Vis. Dimensional Knowledge (Quotations by Nathan Coppedge)

"If something goes wrong, you've made an assumption: it's that good!"

"Events are like free variables!"

"Variables tend to be asymmetrically coherent, because they tend to belong to the smallest subset of the entire set. Therefore, it is easiest to use variables in relation to binaries, rather than coherency. But if the entire set is coherent, then the variables must be used coherently. In the case of using binaries, the result for the entire set can be true, but asymmetric. Asymmetric is a degree of coherency the way proportional numbers lie between finite and infinite numbers. Value or property may be the fullest extent of asymmetry the way universalism or absoluteness is the fullest extent of coherency. In this sense, coherency and asymmetry are directly opposed, but not absolutely, but in a neutral state."

"Variables may take a value to remain binary."

"Original value is function of a development process, or may simply exist in the form of any value. The formalism of value defines the development of original variables, unless they are outliers to the system of formality. Therefore, variables are meant to be analyzed as systems unless variables are more important than systems, or unless values are universal."

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