Friday, September 4, 2015

The Master Lesson on Depression

This applies to anyone who is not a god:

Whenever someone mentions disease, or any other negative thing, then expect more of it!

I'ts naive not to expect more of what you have already experienced!

This way, you do not set yourself up for disappointment!

You can reward yourself when negative things do not appear!

The good things will seem like miracles that only a god could have created!

Don't ever listen to Gershwin!

Don't read The Zibaldone!

Don't witness waterfalls!

And don't play the violin!

Now you can think of the good things and avoid the bad, and you will do very well.

That means less risk-taking, and more breaks.

More candy with fewer calories.

More sickness that you can cope with.

Less disaster, less despair, and less misfortune.

That's how it works.

Life is wonderful. Deal with it. That's my ultimate motto on the subject.

If you can't avoid disaster, then you have to cope with it and be tough. People who avoid disasters will surpass you in success. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you have to avoid disasters.

But if you can, then you should be able to prove to yourself that life can be good. Maybe it is not good now, but goodness is possible. It is possible when disaster is averted.

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