Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Many answers are possible. Some are elaborate, and some are perfected. One encounters many of the other answers as one progresses through life. While it may seem terrible that others have different answers, in fact the dilaectic between one answer and another is what creates heaven. Paradise is found on earth, in the form of the correspondence and intrigue between the deepest inner searches. If paradise cannot be had, it is because it is not desired often enough, because some practical problem looms large, or because someone made light of something which was actually significant. It may seem fragile, but it's not. Signficance exists or it does not, at a given time. There is either innocence, or value, or feeling, or significance. And, in a sense, all of these are types of meaning. Because meaning is always present in the form of some answer, some problem, some choice, or some confusion, there is always an explanation which stands in for the ulimate truth. The ultimate truth is only part of the answer, and that is something that explains the nature of the meaning of life.

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