Friday, September 4, 2015

Recent Quotes (Early Sept 2015)

"All of potential dwells in some form of prosperity. Prosperity is the platform to maximize success. And, even where prosperity has been largely eliminated for a better paradigm, it is because the entire world has a kind of prosperity. Therefore, value little things, and make much of little. That is how to prosper, and make good things great. When good things are great, prosperity is observed by all." ---Nathan Coppedge, September 2015.

'''First, smokers deny, then they intellectualize. And, if smoking is so addictive, the topic of smoking is what we are generally left with when the subject is raised. Therefore, we are left with: ‘Don't ever say that smoking is an epidemic'. This must be literally true, even if its conclusions are false: I can see that it means that people never understand smoking, and it is better not to talk about it. The subject is nauseous, and its contents are immoral. I don't smoke, and second hand smoke is enough to make me part of the problem in perpetuating the idea that it is even a valid topic. At least a philosopher can call it a paradox and have it done with... Philosophers must be the most resistive to smoking...''' ---Nathan Coppedge, September 2015.

"Before every impression is fully-formed is a stage in which one may have a negative impression. It is difficult to overcome this mistake. Therefore, to overt the worst conclusions, all impressions should be positive, or concealed in sophistication or some other guise, which permits us to derive positive benefit from the material. One, the positive view, is the view of masters and children. The other, the sophisticated view, is the view of Plato's Academy. With licenses like these, history pivots on nothing more than applications." ---Nathan Coppedge, September 2015, Scientific Theories.

"[Contrary to expectations,] Everyone grasps the principle that illusion is against tolerance. The evidence is that most people are basically-minded or practically-minded, as a response to illusion, intolerance, or as a way of being tolerant in imitation of the great powers. If they do not obey these theories, they at least take them into account." ---Nathan Coppedge, tentatively for the High Art.

"It cannot be denied that metaphysics, at an advanced level, involves a variable of survival."---Nathan Coppedge, September 2015.

"Sometimes life is as incredible as myth. This is the threshold to cross if one wishes to be a madman who becomes a psychologist." ---Nathan Coppedge, September 2015.

"There is no limit to the number of paradises that can be housed under one system. But each paradise can provide for another. Thus, physical paradises lead to intellectual paradises. Economic paradises lead to energy paradises. Energy paradises create physical paradises. In this way, it is a self-sustaining cycle." ---Nathan Coppedge, September 2015, The Dimensional Politics Toolkit / Multi-Paradise Theory.

"Language is the agency of the will. Willpower in the proper sense is when language has physical authority." ---Nathan Coppedge, September 2015.

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