Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Progress in Trans-Humanism

There is the most ardently trans-human website I have found recently, called:

The website touts its ability to turn any person's media information, possibly even their online activities, into a quasi-permanent A.I. that perpetuates the person's eternal legacy.

The following quotes may be a propo:

"It's unfair for one person to have to invent everything in the world" ---The Beginning of Technology

"Manners have often changed to weather politics" ---- The Eternal Optimist

"Fortunes are built with radical gold" --- The Investor

"I've made my way counting sheep...and now I've got miles to go before I sleepwalk" ---The Sublimeter

I'm giving myself a |[Brilliant Karma]| award for my swift action on this new proposal.

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