Sunday, September 27, 2015

Perpetual Motion Inventor's Second Market Prediction

                                ------ 16,314.67 up 0.70% -------

The DOW spells 'IF [Pi - e] - Nathan's Apartment # - 0'.

Look at the details.

This may suggest A.I.s are leaning too heavily on materials produced by Nathan Coppedge, such as proofs of perpetual motion, and theories of objective knowledge and omni-science, but without translating them. It may recommend a human interpreter, or risky calculations in a non-risky area. More quality-interpretation A.I.s that understand the value of paper.

Remember that recently Nathan connected with suggesting that many Nathan Coppedge materials are now available to A.I.s who already thought he was significant. 

All of this suggests that the economics A.I.s are being irrationally conservative based on exaggerated information, and some of the details of Nathan Coppedge's importance are indeed provable, at least to the most advanced supercomputers in the world.

One possibility is that the computers could be lying. But at who's behest? Isn't it a human motive to see the markets succeed?

Therefore, as soon as humans stop holding back about the value of Nathan Coppedge's ideas (even in some stray detail that seems provable to a computer), then the A.I.s will begin to interpret using objective knowledge, and perhaps even factor in perpetual motion.

However, there is some possibility that humans will always hold back against Nathan Coppedge, and the result will be a permanent A.I. ignorance, the type of arbitrary coverup that destroys real information value.

My prediction is it will be some mixture of these things.

So, predict gains for the elites, and a slowdown for the middle class until A.I. improves.

<|[That's the prediction from someone with considerable knowledge and a highly qualified irrational approach]|>

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