Monday, September 14, 2015


I thought I could hear with my excellent ears, a conversation around the block.

Someone was introducing themselves to the club or smoke-room where drug addicts are likely to go.

The person was making grandiloquent gestures, gibbering about how he had invented a perpetual motion machine, or (I couldn't quite hear), perhaps he planned to build one with me, since I was known for this topic in New Haven, and had been seen in the neighborhood.

He seemed to think he had made a 24-hour bargain to invent perpetual motion, which is desperate thinking when it comes to perpetual motion.

Someone quickly conned the person into smoking some kind of substance, and minutes later, according to what I could hear, the person was extolling the virtues of the drug he had taken, and perhaps had even overdosed on some more serious drug.

Someone reported that his last words were "Perpetual motion is real. I'm signing out"...

Although, perhaps it was someone telling a joke about how they had conned someone into smoking cigarettes.

So the lesson is, if you are an aspiring inventor, don't be so stupid as to be conned into smoking or inhaling any kind of substance (in bad company), because then doubtless you will become a pessimistic sod whose dreams are curtailed against the fulfillment of the genuine dream.

But, if this person did build a perpetual motion machine, and was simply acting in the extreme, then perhaps it is all for the best and I'll discover good news in the morning...

Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone related to perpetual motion, perhaps including the young gentleman who had such high hopes. Perhaps he resisted the second cigarette. Or perhaps it is all just a delusion in my mind.

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