Wednesday, July 29, 2015


From the The Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit, a forthcoming work (image also):

The “Stratified Body” of phenomena takes on symbolic proportions.

(1) In the higher atmosphere, we imagine the stars are like glinting barbed wire. The universe, we can’t help but say, is a kind of prison, as one friend said.

(2) Our torso is magnified by perverts and other observers (‘investigators’), making us feel strangely puffed-up and fragile, or muscular and clumsy.

(3) Our feet are the locus of our danger, so that we imagine sharks circling, even if it is just a red carpet or floorboards. Where we are situated becomes the game that provides the drama.

All in all, perception is full of dangers, inclinations, decisions, and incredulity. We are stuck being us---but we also relish a little entertainment.

The Dimensional Phenomenologist's Toolkit (c) 2014, 2015 Nathan Coppedge

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