Monday, July 6, 2015

The Most Pleasant Expressions in the English Language

'But not objectively'

'An honest propinquity'

'Of fabulous proportions'

'Within a short distance of'

'After due consideration'

'A well-framed work from the late _____'

'Until he became fully arraigned of the hypocrisy'

'He was afraid his master had gone completely mad'

'She was rather frightened by the gardener, who had done his best to carve the hedge in the shape of a menacing dinosaur'

'The inspector said that we would not be through with the matter until we had a full appraisal of all the matters and strange persons and events that had been seen in the house since the time of the incident'

'He leant near, and what he said was that Mr _____ was living on borrowed time'

'She later insisted that what she heard from the king was a perfect expression of practical philosophy'

'No one would know what the spirits said as they minced and convocated in the middle of the corner of the house'

'In the comfort and security of his cottage in the countryside'

'Without further ado'

'Smiled miraculously and concealed the instrument in the comfort of his bag'

'The train began to move, with the tenacious audacity of a thousand horses, all garbed and bridled'

'Nothing was the same as the nuances that surrounded her in the midst of silence'

'A torrid and ungainly reality, that occasionally offered her a smile or a frown'

'Winter of the past, return to fill the glades of Narnia!'

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