Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Dimensional Time-Travel Toolkit

is more than half-way done!


Perhaps the most pioneering work in its field, The Dimensional Time Travel Toolkit portrays its subject as a mystery and also a possibility. Techniques of mental time-travel are introduced, as well as perspectives and problems related to time travel study and time travel experiences. Locked within its pages are secrets to a profound mystery, and also a daring interpretation into the semantics of the ordinary.


“Beginning on May 5th, 2013, Nathan Coppedge set out to write a book on time travel: the best of its kind. He borrowed his themes not only from science and semantics, but from a host of unique experiences which occurred during his developing life.

“Several of these experiences seemed to involve genuine time travel, varying from 24 hours, to significant periods of years. Once Nathan observed his younger brother take a younger form than previously after seeming to time travel between different airplanes in mid-flight. In another case his mother told him that it was 2005, when the year was originally 2009. Incidentally, 2005 was close to the year he had intended to travel to. He then had an experience of synchronously re-living the majority of moments which had occurred in his life during that period, this time with knowledge to anticipate what would occur, including things that were said, and events that would happen. He felt a strange loyalty to the same sorts of timings and events that had already happened. But at the same time, he felt a small amount of willful control, even to change some details of conversations. In some cases, the recipients of his words expressed confusion, as if he had said two things at the same time, or as if the words had somehow been undone by a trick of magic, and re-written. In other cases, particularly with his father Michael and brother Brian, Nathan found that people were able to respond to different contents than had originally been expressed…”

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