Monday, July 27, 2015


For those intent on studying magic of any kind, there is an excellent new book to add to your magic collection, with your crystals, crystal balls, staves, runes, or shrines, etc.


This author attributes to himself a number of significant magical effects, including effects as various as time travel, catching paper in the air, calling birds, telekinetically balancing a knife on its point, making pants stand mostly upright, influencing small earthquakes, and healing sore feet. The book includes some samples of ancient magic that can be used to repair fishing nets, attract different types of companions, produce weather effects such as wind summoning and sometimes lightning when it is barely raining, how to re-animate one‘s own body at will, and the powers of immortality and raise dead. While the effects do not come automatically, readers aspiring to be wizards or witches will be pleased with the range of spells and spell-effects (‘Words of Power’) present in this book, and its level of instruction on all areas of magic.

It may be found on Amazon for $12.99 HERE.

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